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GMREC: Community Council

Activity Highlights

Our stream bank restoration has begun! With assistance from the Hiwassee River Watershed Coalition, we are planting over 400 native trees and shrubs along a small tributary to the Nottley River. These native plants will stabilize the stream bank soil, improve water quality and create wildlife habitat. Our next scheduled workdays are (weather permitting)Wednesday, February 14 and Saturday, February 17, from 1 until 4 pm. Come join us, no experience necessary.

Volunteers planting native trees along our stream bank on a beautiful January afternoon. Our thanks go to Tony Ward and the HRWC for their continued support for this project.

The 2018 Adult Outreach Calendar of Events is HERE!

This year's lineup includes something for everyone - Organic Gardening, fruit trees, and even milk goats. Be sure to click on the link above, print out the Calendar and put it on your 'fridge, so you won't forget.

Thanks to our volunteers and donors, who make these valuable programs happen.